About the Designer

I began designing jewellery with LEGO bricks 3 years ago. I loved wearing LEGO and wanted to wear it in a sophisticated way as I'd previously bought a LEGO earring from a market and I was allergic to the cheap metal. So I began designing the jewellery in silver.

I loved wearing the jewellery as it's flexible and I'd build different pieces of jewellery daily. I designed the jewellery to be customisable, to suit your taste, occasion or wardrobe.

Last year I collaberated with The LEGO Group for a 2010 Christmas launch in Selfridges.

The jewellery is aimed at adults, it's about self expression and rekindles fond childhood memories. Children have fun with LEGO and now there's something for the adults too ;)

Happy building and I hope you have as much fun with your jewellery as I’ve had with mine!